Author: The Crew

Episode 27: Hail to the First Lady of Star Trek

Majel as Number One, Lwaxana and Chapel

Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, the only performer to appear on all the Star Trek series, significantly influenced the franchise, both on screen and behind the scenes, for more than four decades. Download now (right-click and save) Notes and References: These Are The…

Episode 26: O Captain, My Captain (Picard)

Picard in his robe on Risa

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, our crew talks about Captain Picard’s love interests, from his “ghost from the past” Jenice Manheim to the roguish Vash, and of course, Doctor Beverly Crusher. Download now (right-click and save) Hosts: Sue, Grace, Jarrah and Andi Editor: Jarrah

Episode 24: “Year of Hell”

Janeway on the bridge in "Year of Hell"

We look at the Voyager two-parter “Year of Hell” and consider questions like: would this concept have worked for an entire season? Is it possible for Captain Janeway to kick more ass? How does Annorax stack up as a Trek…

Episode 23: Star Trek Through the JJ-verse

Did J.J. Abrams’ two Star Trek movies capture the spirit of Star Trek? Improve roles for women? Our crew discusses these and more questions about the JJ-verse, and talks about the first trailer for Star Trek Beyond. Download Now (right-click…

Episode 21: Two About T’Pol

T'Pol in "Fusion"

A look at two early T’Pol-centric Enterprise episodes. In “Fusion,” T’Pol is sexually assaulted during a mind meld, and in “Stigma,” she is stigmatized for a disease she contracted as a result of the assault – Enterprise’s attempt at an…

Episode 20: Book Club – Diane Duane

Diane Duane and covers of her novels

Author Diane Duane joins us on the show and tells us about her Star Trek novels, learning from David Gerrold, what it was like to pitch a script to Gene Roddenberry, how she creates alien characters, and more. Featuring questions…