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Episode 72: Sexual Assault in Star Trek: Part I

We’re joined by Lucia to tackle a really tough topic – sexual assault against women and its depiction on Star Trek: TOS and TNG. [TW/CW for sexual assault]. Download Now (right-click and save)  Hosts:  Jarrah, Andi Guest: Dr. Lucia Lorenzi Editor:  Andi

Episode 71: Women of the First Conventions

In this episode, we’re joined by Devra Langsam, publisher of Spockanalia and organizer of the first Star Trek convention in 1972 in NY, and Lynn Cohen-Koehler, who helped organize the first Philadelphia convention in 1975.  We discuss how Star Trek…

Episode 70: Kes the Menace (Warlord)

Kes in "Warlord"

Our crew looks at the Voyager episode “Warlord,” in which we get to see a whole new side to the usually kind and gentle Kes when she’s possessed by the spirit of a violent alien warrior. Download now (right-click and…

Episode 68: “Unlikable” Women of Trek

Kenna from Priority One joins us to talk about the women many Trek fans see as “unlikable,” from Pulaski to Keiko to T’Pol. How is the idea of likability related to gender? Do women characters need to be likable? Are…