Episode 58: The Right Choice for Your Job

Shelby cover art

Lieutenant Commander Shelby made a big impression on crewmembers and fans alike when she beamed on board the Enterprise-D in “Best of Both Worlds”. In this episode we look at her role on screen and her legacy in Trek novels and fan work.

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Hosts: Sue, Andi, Jarrah

Editor: Andi

Transcription: Morag Anne Baillie – @whatsnextshonda

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  1 comment for “Episode 58: The Right Choice for Your Job

  1. Being insulted and dismissed regularly for your technical expertise shot down or solving a problem independently of your “boss” isn’t limited to women. It is more of a power issue across genders, depending more on your place in the food chain. Women probably experience it more than men, but my experience says it really isn’t limited to men.

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