Author: The Crew

Episode 222: Strike!

Join us as we discuss the impacts of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strike, on our podcasting, on labor, and on entertainment, including interviews with Robert Duncan McNeill and Anthony Rapp. Hosts: Andi, Sue, Aliza, and Kennedy Guests: Robert Duncan McNeill…

Episode 221: Starfleet Brats

Katie and Markeia join us for a discussion of Starfleet “Brats” – the children of active officers – focusing on Wesley Crusher, Jake Sisko, and Naomi Wildman. Why do they all have single parents? How do they cope in dangerous…

Episode 220: Black Pain in Trek: Part I

Listen as Kennedy, Grace and Aliza start to unpack how Star Trek portrays Black trauma, from the underdevelopment of Travis Mayweather, to Michael Burnham and Ben Sisko having to “earn” their captaincy. Hosts:  Kennedy, Aliza, and Grace Editor:  Andi