Episode 63: Cupid be a Fickle Archer

Archer embraces Erika Hernandez in "Home"

Continuing our “O Captain, My Captain” series, we turn to Enterprise for an analysis of Captain Archer’s love interests. With special guest Heather Barker.

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Hosts: Jarrah, Grace and Sue

Guest: Heather Barker from the Shore Leave podcast – @LLAPawsper on Twitter

Editor: Jarrah

Transcription: Jarrah

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  1 comment for “Episode 63: Cupid be a Fickle Archer

  1. I like Archer and Hernandez as a couple but the execution was awful. Because one romantic night in the mountains is going to solve all the problems he picked up from the Xindi War. Erika is reduced to a deus ex machina in Home for Archer and again (unwittingly) in Bound for Trip and T’Pol. Yeah, because any captain would just give up the best engineer in Starfleet.

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