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Our crew loves what we do and we’ll always be volunteering our time but your support helps us cover expenses like equipment, website and audio hosting; attend and report on conventions; and most importantly reach out to new fans.



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  1. Cybyl Coven
    August 1, 2015 at 7:06 pm

    Listened to all your past podcasts this week non-stop. OMG, a needed breath of fresh air for Star Trek. Love your interlocutions and insights on episode instances that I was disturbed with when they first aired but accepted or glossed over the last 50 years of enjoying Star Trek. I now feel justified in my suspicions per your observations! Keep up the wonderful podcasts which I now am supporting via Patreon. Jolan’tru, 73s and cheers. PS: also a Star Trek Online player and Romulan worshipper.

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