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Agnes Jurati Deserved Better

Agnes Jurati at the Europa gala

Content warning: This article discusses emotional and physical abuse. Spoiler Alert: Star Trek: Voyager Season 3; Star Trek: Picard Season 2  Star Trek: Picard’s second season ends with an unprecedented twist: an alliance between the United Federation of Planets and…

Prodigy Recap: “Supernova, Part 2” (S1, E20)

Gwyn and Dal in the shuttle

Last week we left our crew trying to stop the imminent destruction of the Federation, after the Vindicator activated the construct weapon. At the start of this week’s finale, Dal contemplates self-destructing the Protostar, but Jankom says that their proto-core…

In Search of Lukara

Worf and Jadzia at their wedding, officiated by Sirella

While the Klingons have been part of Star Trek since The Original Series and have been reinvented on a regular basis, there is something particularly interesting about several of the most Klingon heavy episodes of The Next Generation and Deep…