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  1. I just watched this episode (and listened to this episode of the podcast) today and I have many thoughts:

    I think maybe Troi was happy to have Data help partly BECAUSE he’s an android. She’s empathic, and probably overwhelmed with everything. Having someone there to support her, who she can’t pick up feelings from, is probably actually really good for her.

    As for the male baby that only has her genes, while some animals (humans for example) have XX females and XY males (by and large, but not universally) there are animals that sex works the other way around, and females have two different sex chromosomes and males have two of the same sex chromosomes. So, perhaps Betazoids work that way, and that’s how she’s got boy child that only has her DNA (recombined but not exactly a clone).

    Finally, perhaps because I’m in school in a medical field, but it angered me that they just openly discussed Troi’s medical file in front of the entire staff. I guess, given the circumstances, that the captain might need to be told, but that was the worst possible way they could have handled it, other than just broadcasting to all decks: “Attention, all hands. Counselor Troi is pregnant with a mystical alien life form. Please be advised that she is keeping the baby. That is all!”

  2. I laughed so hard listening to this! You have a new fan! Also bird seed in a stocking is how drag queen friends of mine sometimes create more realistic (movement wise) breasts… so why not a baby bump? Though you’re right it would be extremely heavy.

  3. I loved your analysis of this episode. When you were discussing the part of the alien becoming human to experience humanity, for a second, it took me back to my catechism classes, it sounded like a story from that class: a superior being of light chooses a woman to birth him in order to experience humanity. But even in Catholic catechism class we were told Mary was asked first, even god had to ask for permission and she gave consent, but not this alien, and not to poor Deanna who seems as virtuous as Mary, therefore adding yet another layer to think about, this episode really is terrible.

  4. Bad TNG episode but good podcast episode! I had just watched “The Child” as I’m doing a TNG re-watch after many years and I just started on the second season. The conference room scene was so painful and creeper Riker…just weird. I hate the second episode “Where Silence has Lease” even more though. Pulaski calls Data “It” in that show! Luckily things get better with “Elementary Dear Data.” Keep up the great work on the podcast!

  5. I have worked at the mental health crisis line for over 24 years. I did handle a call from a woman who had given birth her baby conceived in a rape. (Daddy was and will be still in prison.) Her problem was when her daughter was small, she looked like a child. However, as she entered her teens, the daughter began to resemble the father more and more each day. The caller dearly loved her child, but the growing resemblance was also a growing disturbance. There are huge unmentioned consequences that we skip over in life.

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