Episode 85: Using Trek to Teach Empathy

Troi as Goddess of Empathy

Our crew discusses Star Trek episodes like “Devil in the Dark”, “Duet” and “I, Borg” that challenge the show’s characters – and viewers – to learn empathy. Download Now (right-click and save)  Hosts: Grace, Jarrah and Sue Editor: Jarrah Notes…

Episode 75: Book Club: Rogue Saucer

Our crew discusses the TNG novel Rogue Saucer by John Vornholt, including how vital good code names are, the ethics of kneecapping, and the importance of hot beverages after trauma. Download Now (right-click and save)  Hosts:  Andi, Sue, Jarrah Editor:  Andi

Will Riker: Unlikely Feminist

When referring to feminism in media, we often focus on how women are represented in film, television and other forms of pop culture. This is certainly important – Star Trek has many excellent women characters that display various feminist traits…

Episode 60: Barclay’s Psyche


Lieutenant Reginald Barclay stands out among recurring Star Trek characters as someone who experiences a range of mental health issues. In this episode, we discuss those issues and how they’re received by his crewmates on TNG and Voyager. Download now (right-click and…