3 comments for “Episode 209: Bi/Pan Representation in Star Trek

  1. not being able to do “sitting straight” is also a common thing for neurodivergent folks (Mariner is also a creative thinker ^_~) and there is a ton of ND/Queer overlap <3

    ~your friendly neighborhood bisexual aûtie

  2. Honestly thank you so much for admitting that there is biphobia in the queer community, especially from lesbians. I’ve been harassed for headcanoning Raffi and Seven as bi instead of lesbian, or really just existing as a bi women in fandom. Yet most time when you mention this issue they brush it over or claim you are lesbiphobic.

    I hate how the mirror universe handles these issues. Also so true about pan/bi man being erased.

    Hate these dating threesome assholes too, had that issue too.

    Loved the part about Sulu, didn’t even realized that, but so true

    Oh god, that “Lesbian? No I like boys”… I never knew that bisexuality exists. I knew I was attracted to women, but I was attracted to men, so I could not be a lesbian, so I was straight…

    • Forgive me for my late comment, I found this podcast and episode just a few days ago.

      Using Star Trek I will demonstrate why the people who harassed you are not Star Trek fans and should not step onto a starship.

      * Jeri Ryan on Twitter confirmed that Seven of Nine is bisexual. If you ignore this, then
      you’re ignoring canon (even if she only had relationships with males on Voyager, this
      doesn’t necessarily mean she is straight). I don’t want to label Raffi (I’ll leave that to
      the writers and actress), because as one of the hosts in this episode says everyone has
      their own journey.

      * Correct me if I’m wrong here, using the term lesbian couple doesn’t mean the two individual
      women have to identify as lesbians, they could be two bisexual woman, a lesbian and
      bisexual, etc.

      * The fact that people harassed you over how you think a fictional character identifies,
      defies logic. Those people seem to forget one of the primary messages of Star Trek.

      * I’m a lesbian and you’re bisexual, but I’m more excited you’re into Star Trek than how you
      choose to identify. To quote Jadzia Dax, The only rule was ‘are you interesting to me, and
      do I want to know more about you?

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