Episode 107: You May Now Give Birth

Kes, Paris and their baby after Kes gives birthSpecial guest Anne Theriault joins us to talk about depictions of pregnancy and childbirth in Star Trek, covering both of Keiko’s pregnancies, Kes’ labour during time travel, Trip’s alien pregnancy, Ekora from “The Quickening”, “Friday’s Child” and more.

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Hosts: Jarrah and Sue

Guest: Anne Theriault – @anne_theriault

Editor: Jarrah

Transcription: Grace

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  2 comments for “Episode 107: You May Now Give Birth

  1. I’m gonna assume that the natural birth hippies that Anne talks about live in Canada like her. I’m sure they would change their minds if they lived in the US, where you’re much more likely to die in childbirth. Most OBY-GYN’s assume that mom will be OK and are confused when something goes wrong. At least Bashir has the excuse of being an internist.

    If you take Ah’len at her word, then Trip’s pregnancy isn’t assualt. Not knowing it can happen to a human= no intent. That’s a humancentric interpretation unless of course, you think she’s lying. Unexpected is a Rorschach test of sorts when some women don’t find it denigrating to pregnancy because they relate to Trip. Plus, does it really denigrate the feminine when Trip is normally so emotional? There’s no way the hormones are turning up his inner dial that much. If he got T’Pol pregnant, he would be just as obsessed with babyproofing (and drive her nuts in the process). There’s NO WAY he wouldn’t be just as concerned for his own kid’s safety as he was for one that genetically, wasn’t his.

  2. Jadzia’s death is the only death I hated. I meant nothing. I didn’t like Yar, but at least, she was trying to do her job.

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