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Episode 216: Picard Season 3

Show art from Picard Season 3 with images of the cast

The crew takes a look at the final season of Star Trek: Picard, from the nostalgic to the new – what we liked, what we didn’t, and what we still have questions about. Hosts:  Sue, Jarrah, and Kennedy Editor:  Andi…

Episode 214: Trek Court of Space Law

Bajoran Arbiter Els Renora in "Dax"

From military tribunals to criminal trials, there have been many dramatic courtroom moments on Star Trek, and we discuss what these episodes say about the legal framework of the Federation. Hosts:  Andi and Sue Guest:  Amanda Editor:  Andi   Giveaway…

Episode 211: Black Planet: Starfleet Edition

screencap from as if it were a profile for Lt. Geordi La forge

Black Planet was one of the earliest social media sites, created in 1999, and was geared towards Black Americans. In honor of Black History Month, Aliza and Kennedy do the important historical work of figuring out what’s on the Black…