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Episode 187: Prodigy Times Ten

Star Trek Prodigy show art

We’re joined by guest Jenn Tifft (Trekcore, Snap Trek) for an episode-by-episode look at the first half of Star Trek: Prodigy’s first season, including first impressions, favorite characters and what we want to see when the show returns! Download Now…

Episode 186: “Dark Page”

Deanna and Lwaxana in "Dark Page"

We’re joined by Azucena for an in-depth look at the 7th Season TNG episode, “Dark Page.” We discuss production notes, the themes of the episode, and the depth of character added to Lwaxana Troi. Content Note: In depth discussions of…

Episode 185: Meet the New Host, Ezri

Ezri Dax

Dax is back on DS9 with a new body and a new name. We’re joined by Jessie Gender to talk about Ezri Dax’s character development, friendships and romantic relationships, memorable moments, and why her journey resonates with trans fans and…

Episode 183: Pets of the Final Frontier

Amanda Rogers with two puppies in "True Q"

What does pet ownership say about characters on Star Trek? Does the show challenge or reinforce gendered stereotypes about pets and their owners? Why aren’t the cats on the Enterprise-D spayed/neutered? And would you take your pet on a starship?…

Episode 182: Classical Antiquity in Star Trek

Spock, Kirk, Uhura and Chapel in "Plato's Stepchildren"

What’s with all the ancient Greek/Roman influence in Star Trek? What does Trek have to say about classical antiquity, and where’s the representation of other ancient cultures? We’re joined by guest Jonathan Alexandratos to discuss. Download Now (right-click and save)…

Episode 181: Trek’s Traditions & Rituals

Sirella officiating Worf and Jadzia's wedding

Join us as we take Zach’s suggestion and discuss the nuances of ritual, religion, and tradition, and how they show up in Star Trek. Download Now (right-click and save)  Hosts:  Kennedy, Aliza, and Grace Editor:  Andi