10 Trek Aliens We Never See Enough Of

Recently, I accepted the grand honor of introducing a friend to Star Trek. The task didn’t seem too daunting, especially considering the fact that they are a general fan of geek culture, focusing primarily on anime, comics, and a series of space conflicts in a galaxy far, far away. I was thrilled to start their journey, as most of us are, and curated a select group of episodes from each series for them to watch in order of release. 

Upon watching these episodes, they asked the usual questions: Which series do I start with? Who’s the best captain? Why do the Klingons look so different here? Once I explained the Klingons and their sordid history, my friend asked more questions about the different species they could find in Trek, and it got me thinking about the races we could have seen more of. So, I compiled a list of species that we should have seen more of.

1. Benzites

A meticulous and detail-oriented species from the Alpha Quadrant, individuals within this blue-skinned group are most often seen wearing a breathing apparatus. Additionally, Benzites have two opposable thumbs on each hand, not to be confused with…


2. Bolians

A different Alpha Quadrant blue-hued species, this generally good-natured and outspoken group is found in service-based occupations and made excellent engineers. Their physiology incorporated cartilaginous tissues in various systems throughout the body, making them impervious to more corrosive substances.


3. Caitians

From the now-destroyed planet Cait in the Lyrian system, this Beta Quadrant species bears a striking resemblance to feline species of Earth. A long-standing member of the Federation, Caitians have excellent hearing, and usually are found in the communications field and specialize in the acoustic sciences. 


4 Remans

Remans are a telepathic race of formidable warriors, formerly a labor caste of Romulan society, enduring cruel conditions in Remus’ dilithium mines. A pallid, light-sensitive sub-species, the Reman population was decimated alongside the Romulans during the destruction of a nearby star. 


5. Saurians

Long-time members of the Federation, Saurians possess enormous strength, a respiratory system that enables them to breathe various gases, and a tremendous visual spectrum. This Alpha-Quadrant, lizard-like people are perhaps most known for their high intelligence, as well as their methods of producing brandy.


6. Tellarites

As a founding member of the Federation, Tellar Prime and it’s people have been space-faring since Earth’s 20th Century. Short and stocky with pig-like features such as snouts, cloven hands, and tusks, Tellarites have a reputation for being argumentative and prideful, though usually trustworthy.


7. Tholians

A crystalline, multi-legged Alpha Quadrant species, Tholians are known best for their territorial dispositions. They are also known for their weaving prowess, as made evident both in Tholian silk and a web-like system designed to incapacitate entire starships. 


8. Tzenkethi

A large, multi-armed species originating from the Alpha Quadrant, the Tzenkethi had a history of conflict with the Federation and its borders, depending on the ruling Autarch. Only seen in Star Trek: Online, this imposing, almost draconian species preferred sovereignty over joining the Federation. 


9. Undine

Better known as Species 8472, the Undine are a hostile, telepathic race from organic space. Highly suspicious and xenophobic, the Undine have made several attempts to cause destruction in various sectors of the galaxy, going so far as to disguise themselves as members of different species to infiltrate a multitude of different governments and other high-ranking members of society.


10. Xindi

Boasting six separate sub-species, the Xindi are a formidable people originating near the Delphic Expanse in the Beta Quadrant. Xindi-Arboreals, Xindi-Primates, Xindi-Reptilians, Xindi-Insectoid, Xindi-Aquatic, and the extinct Xindi-Avians each developed alongside each other on their homeworld, and each of them assert they are the dominant sub-group.


There are several rational, production-based reasons as to why a number of the aforementioned peoples weren’t seen more across the different series. But with series like Discovery stepping into the 32nd century, and whatever it is they intend to do with Prodigy, there may be a chance to see more examples of life throughout the galaxy.

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  1. Según dicen, tanto los tellaritas como los andorianos fueron excluidos de TNG y de DS9 porque encontraban que sus diseños eran muy ridículos, volviendo solo para la serie precuela.

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