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A Future Free From Slut-Shaming

In Trek’s bold future, women work on the bridges of starships; lead resistance cells; are engineers, botanists, doctors, mental health professionals, captains, admirals; and so much more. Though beyond the autonomy afforded these great professional accomplishments, do Trek women have…

Episode 107: You May Now Give Birth

Kes, Paris and their baby after Kes gives birth

Special guest Anne Theriault joins us to talk about depictions of pregnancy and childbirth in Star Trek, covering both of Keiko’s pregnancies, Kes’ labour during time travel, Trip’s alien pregnancy, Ekora from “The Quickening”, “Friday’s Child” and more. Download Now…

Episode 94: “Elogium”

The crew discusses the fourth season Voyager episode “Elogium.” We talk about Kes’s relationship with Neelix, teen pregnancy, reproductive rights, and more… Download Now (right-click and save)  Hosts:  Andi, Grace and Jarrah Editor:  Andi

Kes: Voyager’s Unsung Adventurer

We all have our favorite Star Trek characters. There are Spock lovers, Riker fan girls, people who love the sassier characters like Bones or Quark, and let’s not forget the internet’s favorite Trek character: facepalming Captain Picard. We love Star…