Author: Heavy Metal Susan

Susan recently won Star Trek-themed bar trivia as part of an awesome 2-woman team and is still smiling about it. She's a classical musician, writer, runner, and adventurer. Find her on Twitter at @HeavyMetalSusan.

A Future Free From Slut-Shaming

In Trek’s bold future, women work on the bridges of starships; lead resistance cells; are engineers, botanists, doctors, mental health professionals, captains, admirals; and so much more. Though beyond the autonomy afforded these great professional accomplishments, do Trek women have…

Crusher’s Critical Perspective

Crusher listening to Picard in "The Perfect Mate"

For rules to stay relevant – even pillars such as the Prime Directive – they must regularly be challenged and re-evaluated. Many of us love Star Trek for the moral ambiguity, the conundrums with no clearly right answer, and the…