Women at Warp Joins Trek.fm!

Women at Warp Crew Log: Exciting News! We’re now part of the Trek.fm podcast network. Trek.fm is home to a number of excellent podcasts and we’re glad to have the opportunity to be part of their community.

This means you can now find Women at Warp in many more places. In addition to iTunes, we are now on:

…and in the complete Trek.fm Master Feed! Plus, Trek.fm is a featured content provider on iTunes so you can also find us in their artist section on the iTunes podcast store.

So when you listen to our upcoming Women at Warp episode this Sunday, June 7, you’ll notice a slightly different intro and outtro, but otherwise we’re going to keep bringing you the same show format with the same hosts offering the same kinds of analysis on women in Star Trek!

If you have any questions for us, comment below or email crew@womenatwarp.com.

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