Update: Trek.fm

We wanted to let you know we have been asked to leave the Trek.fm network. It’s unfortunate that this partnership didn’t work out – we have had a great time meeting Trek.fm listeners and other great hosts on the network over the past year. But we want to assure you that our mission has not changed and our episodes will continue to be released on schedule. Thank you for your continued support.


We’d like to apologize for any confusion caused by our post last night. Our removal from Trek.fm was precipitated by a disagreement over Jarrah’s Montreal Comiccon reporting.

We are fine, and looking forward to the next chapter in our Star Trek podcast journey. There is no reason for our listeners to pull support in any way from Trek.fm. It is a wonderful network with numerous great podcasts and hosts worthy of your support. We will always appreciate the opportunity we were given to connect with more fans through them. We appreciate all of the well wishes, and our next episode will be released on Sunday without interruption.

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