Episode 37: Incoming Transmissions

The Doctor and Seven look at PADDs
In this episode, the crew opens up the digital mailbag and reads and responds to listener emails, comments, and questions.  We discuss everything from Trek episode suggestions for kids, to examples of supportive workplace environments on Star Trek, to our least favorite women characters in the Star Trek franchise.  And we may even let the cats (there are 6 cats among us) out of the bag regarding some upcoming podcast episodes.

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Hosts: Sue, Andi, Grace, Jarrah
Editor: Jarrah
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  1 comment for “Episode 37: Incoming Transmissions

  1. I find it really odd that Enterprise seems to have better technology for birth than other series. Now I don’t complain about how the ship looks more “advanced” but they used an artificial womb to house Sim before he was born. And that’s the only logical way Paxton could have created Elizabeth. Yet no one in DS9 or VOY ever thought to use one. Especially in the case of Kira. Why did they need her to carry the baby when they could have used an artificial womb? Please include this in your future birth episode.

    On Vulcans, it’s really weird that a woman can captain a ship but is still legally the property of her husband. They have the most contradictory treatment of women. I guess they’re allowed to get as much professional power as possible but they’re not allowed that at home.

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