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Michael’s Burden

Michael stands in the red angel suit after landing at the beginning of Disco Season 3

Spoiler Warning: This post contains spoilers for Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 In the finale of the third season, we watched Michael Burnham become captain of the USS Discovery. Those who’ve watched from the beginning know that Burnham has endured…

Education on the Enterprise in “New Ground”

Worf walks Alexander down the hall in "New Ground"

Looking back at TNG’s 5th season episode “New Ground,” most would probably remark that it was – aside from establishing Worf’s son, Alexander, as a recurring character and featuring the return of the fantastic Georgia Brown as Helena Rozhenko –…

Episode 32: “Past Tense”

Sisko as Gabriel Bell

In the DS9 two-parter “Past Tense,” Sisko, Bashir and Dax travel to the year 2024, a dark time in our near future. Treknews.net blogger Michelle Toven joins us to discuss the episodes’ socio-political themes, which include homelessness, mental health, race, class, violence,…