Episode 169: Colonialism and Imperialism in Star Trek

Archer in a cowboy hat in "North Star"
We’re joined by Dr. Lynette Russell and Andrea to talk about colonialism and imperialism in Star Trek, from the series’ Space Western origins to the Maquis. We also discuss the Prime Directive and envision the possibilities for more anti-imperialist Trek narratives.

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Hosts: Jarrah and Andi


Editor:  Andi

Call to Action for Settlers:

  • Educate yourself on the history and present-day realities of colonial oppression and genocide, including residential schools/boarding schools/missions. Seek out work by Indigenous creators where possible.
  • Take time to think about how you may benefit from systems of colonial oppression.
  • Demand accountability from government and religious institutions.
  • Look at other areas where you can make a change, e.g. conversations with your family, community awareness-raising, starting a reconciliation learning/working group in your workplace.
  • Support through donations and/or volunteering (make an effort not to seek attention or center your experience in volunteering) groups such as: Indigenous land defenders, residential school survivors, groups concerned with Indigenous children’s rights such as the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society, reconciliation education initiatives, etc.

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  1. I wanted to mention Eddington’s rant about the federation, and leaving the federation and the Marquis. That might be something to talk more about if you do an episode on ST and terrorism.

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