Episode 212: Detective Crusher (“Suspicions”)

Crusher scans Reyga's bodyOur crew takes a close look at the Season 6 TNG episode “Suspicions.” We talk about the guest characters and how they break with Trek racial stereotypes, and look at how Beverly Crusher sciences, solves crime, and kicks butt. Content Warning: Suicide.

Spoiler alert: Starting around minute 44:00, light spoilers for Star Trek Picard: Season 3, episode 3.

Hosts: Kennedy and Jarrah

Editor: Jarrah

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  1. I’ve been wanting for YEARS to talk about Dr. Crusher’s fight on the shuttlecraft at the climax of this episode! The spinning kick she uses to knock down Jobril before using her phaser is a fairly technical move, and is rare in Star Trek fights.

    I can only speculate how much production time was devoted to fight choreography but it’s a nice character moment to have Dr. Crusher use a particularly elegant and effective technique, appropriate for “The Dancing Doctor.

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