Episode S9: Paley’s Captains Panel


On September 17, Sue represented Captain Kathryn Janeway on the Captains Panel at  The Paley Center for Media’s “Transported: Paley Center Salutes 50 Years of Star Trek.”

From the event website: “Was James T. Kirk really the greatest Star Trek leader in history? That we will solve, thanks to our panel of experts, who will argue the relative merits and demerits of Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, and yes, even Archer.”

Courtesy of The Paley Center for Media   © 2016 All Rights Reserved


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Host: Sue


Editor: Sue

Panel photo credit MK Kim.  @min_ki_kim


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  1. That was an excellent episode. Sue, I think you were the best representative for your captain. Eloquent and ready with the facts! The whole thing was delightful.

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