Episode S3: Dragon Con Encounters – The Snod & The Doubleclicks

In the first of three episodes covering Dragon Con 2015, Andi and Sue briefly discuss panels, cosplay adventures, and puppets before sharing audio from a post-reading Q&A with Star Trek writer Melinda Snodgrass (the recording of the reading is available to our patrons at patreon.com/womenatwarp) as well as some music from The Doubleclicks, who performed at this year’s Parsec Awards.

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Hosts: Andi and Sue

Guest: Melinda Snodgrass (melindasnodgrass.com)

Music: The Doubleclicks (thedoubleclicks.com)

Editor and Producer: Sue

Doubleclicks photo by Steve Petrucelli, via Wikimedia Commons


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