Episode 65: Book Club – Worlds of DS9: Cardassia & Andor

book cover for Worlds of DS9

Jarrah and Sue discuss Volume 1 of the “Words of Deep Space Nine” series, which includes stories “The Lotus Flower” by Una McCormack, set on Cardassia, and “Paradigm” by Heather Jarman, set on Andor.


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Hosts:  Jarrah, Sue

Editor:  Sue

Transcription: Lydia – @moon_babes_facebook.com/moonbabesart

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  3 comments for “Episode 65: Book Club – Worlds of DS9: Cardassia & Andor

  1. Hi “Women at Warp”! I’m loving the podcast. Heads up that the metadata in this episode may be a little off. In iOS 11, the Podcast app sorts and groups episodes by season, and episode 65 is showing up as the sole member of “Season 65”, which means it’s always at the top of the feed, even when new episodes come out.

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