Episode 30: Book Club – Mosaic by Jeri Taylor

Mosaic book cover

In this book club episode we tag along as young Kathryn Janeway explores the water caves of Mars, saves old ladies from haunted Irish castles, calls out a high school boyfriend for gaslighting, and interacts with Data, Riker and Admiral Paris. Special guest Anika (a.k.a. pixiedane) joins us to discuss Jeri Taylor’s 1996 novel biography of Kathryn Janeway: Mosaic.

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Notes and References:

Hosts: Jarrah and Sue

Guest: Anika of pixiedane.tumblr.com

Editor: Jarrah

  1 comment for “Episode 30: Book Club – Mosaic by Jeri Taylor

  1. Recently found your podcast and have enjoyed the few episodes I’ve listened to….trying to catch up…..so many podcasts….so little time…

    Thank you for the great review podcast. Finally listened as I just finished reading, so glad you suggested this. I’ve always loved Voyager and Janeway, loved getting more of her backstory.

    Can’t wait to meet her in Vegas in August! (You ladies too!)
    Thanks again for all the hard work you do for such a great podcast.

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