Episode 3: Starfleet’s Women in Command

Jarrah, Sue and Grace discuss the Starfleet women who held the rank of captain, other than Captain Janeway, from the captain of the USS Saratoga in Star Trek IV to Erika Hernandez in Enterprise.

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Hosts: Jarrah, Sue and Grace

Editor: Jarrah

Transcript: Rhys – @lizardinexile

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Notes and References:

    • Graphic list of all the female Trek captains, by imadoctornotadragonslayer
    • Theme Music for this episode is sounds and music from the TNG episode “All Good Things”
    • The Brenton J. Malin quote about Janice Lester is from  American Masculinity Under Clinton: Popular Media and the Nineties “crisis of Masculinity”, Peter Lang, 2005, p.113.
    • And here’s Amanda McBroom (who played Philippa Louvois in “The Measure of a Man”) singing “The Rose”:


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