Episode 28: Her name means Freedom


Uhura was a groundbreaking character for 1960s TV and remains a role model and cultural icon to this day. Angélique Roché of Black Girl Nerds joins us to discuss our favorite Uhura moments from TOS.

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Hosts: Andi, Jarrah and Grace

Guest: Angélique Roché, contributor at Black Girl Nerds, on Twitter @angeliqueroche

Editor: Jarrah

Transcription: Grace

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  3 comments for “Episode 28: Her name means Freedom

  1. VERY late to the party!

    Thank you for directing me to this episode, Jarrah. After listening I checked out “The Lorelei Signal” courstey of Netflix. I was impressed by how sexually charged this episode was for a kid’s show. The 70’s was a different time. And who knew the Enterpise had so many female security officers? There was a whole army of red mindresses up there.

  2. Just a thought on the discussion of her wearing the mini skirt: There’s all the talk these days about women who are attacked because they dressed “like they were asking for it” and girls must be sure to cover up in school because it distracts the boys from working/learning. And yet here on Star Trek, women can wear a short skirt as uniform and yet the guys on the bridge somehow manage to continue to function and get their jobs done and not let it distract them.

  3. Despite the limitations on the character she was a groundbreaking role for black female actors. She inspired Whoopie Goldberg and Mae Jamison who became an astronaut for NASA. I am glad in the reboot she got the best male in Starfleet – Spock! its a shame the Prime characters could not go down this road due to the racism of the USA at the time. I met Ms Nichols in 2014 at a convention she is a charming, friendly, warm and welcoming lady.

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