Episode 185: Meet the New Host, Ezri

Dax is back on DS9 with a new body and a new name. We’re joined by Jessie Gender to talk about Ezri Dax’s character development, friendships and romantic relationships, memorable moments, and why her journey resonates with trans fans and many more.

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Hosts:  Kennedy, Sarah, and Jarrah

Guest:  Jessie Gender – @jessiegender

Editor:  Jarrah

  1 comment for “Episode 185: Meet the New Host, Ezri

  1. I think Ezri got more character development in one season than Jadzia got in the first 3 seasons of DS9. I love them both but early episodes that focused on Dax gave her very little to do (Dax, Invasive Procedures) or focused on Jadzia’s feelings of inadequacy or shame regarding Curzon kicking her out of the symbiont initiative program. As for Worf, he was always problematic when it came to his attitude towards women. You can argue that it’s because of his Klingon heritage (watch The House of Quark to see how Klingons treat women in their society) but being raised by human parents and spending his career in Starfleet should have taught him to have more respect for women.

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