Episode 179: Why We Can’t Have Holodecks

Time to take a close look at the ethical and consent implications of using someone else’s likeness in your holodeck fantasy, as well as broader issues of holographic sex, privacy, labor rights and censorship.

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Hosts:  Grace, Aliza, Jarrah, and Sarah

Editor:  Andi

  1 comment for “Episode 179: Why We Can’t Have Holodecks

  1. Hey All. Really great episode. I was thinking about the issue of using the likenesses of the crew in holodeck programs in relation to both Barclay in “Hollow Pursuits” vs. Mariner in “Crisis Point”. With Barclay, personally I didn’t think it was that bad since the programs he made were pretty benign. Its swashbuckling the Three Musketeers and the worst thing he does is make Riker short. Whereas what Mariner does is the equivalent of making a SIM of the office you work at and then go on a shooting rampage. And I liked Tendi calling Mariner out on that as well as her racist casting of her as the “thieving Orion pirate.”

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