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Western Bias in Holodeck Adventures

The western town in "A Fistful of Datas"

The holodeck often provides great chances for the characters to explore their inner fantasies and the writers to explore the characters’ lives outside of their jobs, yet there is something very striking about the early holodeck episodes—how very Caucasian the…

Episode 179: Why We Can’t Have Holodecks

TNG Holodeck

Time to take a close look at the ethical and consent implications of using someone else’s likeness in your holodeck fantasy, as well as broader issues of holographic sex, privacy, labor rights and censorship. Download Now (right-click and save) …

Computer, End Rape Culture

Troi views her Goddess of Empathy double

With virtual reality (VR) permeating global markets, I thought that my initial reaction of resentment was the beginning of being officially Old and Out of Touch. That’s when I realized that what I was seeing in our world parallels all…