Episode 147: Yentl in Space: Women Religious Leaders in Trek

We’re joined by historian, activist, and Trekkie Blair Imani to discuss the women religious leaders we see throughout Star Trek – from Nuria to Kai Winn to Zani – as well as Trek’s representation of human religion in the 22nd Century and beyond.

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Hosts:  Grace, Sarah, Sue

Guest:  Blair Imani – @BlairImani

Editor:  Andi

Transcription: Grace

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  1 comment for “Episode 147: Yentl in Space: Women Religious Leaders in Trek

  1. I found the notion of Borg perfection as a a religion really interesting. I recently rewatched VOY: The Omega Directive and there are several instances that support that notion in the episode.

    For instance this conversation:

    Janeway: What is it the Borg say? That Omega is perfect?

    Seven: Yes.

    Janeway: Is that a theory or a belief?

    Seven and Janeway’s parting words of the episode are also pretty indicative.

    Seven: For 3.2 seconds, I saw perfection. When Omega stabilized, I felt a curious sensation. As I was watching it, it seemed to be watching me. – The Borg have assimilated many species, with mythologies to explain such moments of clarity. I’ve always dismissed them as trivial. Perhaps I was wrong.

    Janeway: If I didn’t know you better… I’d say you just had your first spiritual experience.

    Thanks for the great episode!

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