Episode 144: Deep Space Bob Ross (Art & Artists in Trek)

Cover art with Kira and her sculptures in "Accession"

We’re joined by guest Amanda Wong to talk about Star Trek’s in-universe artists and their art. We discuss Marla McGivers’ dictator portraits, Kira’s attempts at sculpture, Jake’s writing, and themes like political art and works by artificial lifeforms like Data.

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Hosts: Grace and Jarrah

Guest: Amanda Wong – @amandawtwong

Editor: Jarrah

Transcription: Grace

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  1. Had to pause at 31:00. You really nailed this point Grew up socially withdrawn because of fears of repercussions of speaking my mind. Didn’t know how to hold a real conversation outside immediate family until ethnic student groups in college. If you complain about racism, you’re the one creating tension and responsible for making that person feel less guilty. So hard to be honest and assertive, to take initiative and communicate clearly if the pressure to comfort and blame automatically are assigned to anyone speaking up. Thank you so much for being what most Star Trek discussions are not

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