Episode 141: Ooo, You’re My Best Friend

The crew chats about what makes a good friendship, onscreen and off, and the best of the best friendships in Star Trek, as well as those we wish we got to see more of and some missed opportunities.

We have partnered with several other Star Trek podcasts and fansites for the #TrekkiesTogether campaign. This campaign is about coming together as a community to support those fighting for racial justice and working to build a more equal future. As part of this campaign, Women at Warp has made a central donation to The East of the River Mutual Aid Fund from Black Lives Matter in Washington DC (as well as individual local donations). Please join us if you are able.

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Hosts:  Andi, Grace, Jarrah, Sue

Editor:  Andi

Transcription: Grace

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  8 comments for “Episode 141: Ooo, You’re My Best Friend

    • Sadly we couldn’t possibly cover every possible friendship in Trek in the time we had available. We had tons of listener suggestions and picked the ones that were the most commonly suggested or that we thought were the most unusual or interesting. We will be doing an ep all about Seven at some point and will make sure to discuss more about her relationship with Janeway.

  1. How about Picard/Guinan and Guinan/Ro? In a couple of episodes Guinan calls Ro out on her behavior and attitude.

    Also, Uhura needs her own Woman At Warp episode, for so many reasons.

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