Episode 130: The Fantastic Voyager, 25 Years Later

Episode cover artIn celebration of the 25th anniversary of Star Trek: Voyager this week, our crew talks about the series’ creation and takes a deep dive into the pilot episode “Caretaker”, discussing first impressions and how it holds up today.

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Hosts: Grace, Jarrah and Sue

Editor: Andi

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  3 comments for “Episode 130: The Fantastic Voyager, 25 Years Later

  1. I’m glad you raise the point here that Paris is used as the entry point character, or even as an alternate protagonist. In the series Bible, he and not Chakotay was the second character detailed. Of course, he is the only white male human among the principle characters (as opposed to cast).

  2. I remember, when “Voyager” was coming out, they seemed to make a big deal about Janeway being a woman and Tuvok being black. Two years earlier, on “Deep Space Nine”. nothing was said about Sisko being black, or that he had a female first officer.

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