Episode 122: Ken Burns’ Deep Space Baseball Documentary

poster of the documentary

Our crew reviews the recent Deep Space Nine documentary What We Left Behind and takes a deep dive into the way the film pays tribute to DS9’s legacy of representing race, gender and LGBTQ+ diversity.

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Hosts: Jarrah, Sue, Grace

Editor: Jarrah

Transcription: Grace

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  2 comments for “Episode 122: Ken Burns’ Deep Space Baseball Documentary

  1. Gross and Altman’s ‘The Fifty-Year Mission’ quotes producers at DS9 complaining that they can’t find actresses who could look good and act. Not actors, but specifically actresses, and they were referring to Terry Farrell, who I honestly think does a fine job.

    I enjoy DS9, including its faults. Yes, ‘Profit and Lace’ is just an awful hour of TV, but then you get plenty of good ones… Duet, In the Pale Moonlight, It’s Only a Paper Moon, and any one where Garak kills a Cardassian for the helluvit!

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