Author: Diana Keng

Diana lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada, where she invests her time and energy in teaching, writing, parenting, and indulging her love of all Trek and a myriad of other fandoms. As known previously, “She is a lifelong fan of smart sci-fi and fantasy media, an upstanding citizen of the United Federation of Planets, and a supporter of AFC Richmond 'til she dies. Her guilty pleasures include female-led procedurals, old-school sitcoms, and Bluey. She teaches, knits, and dreams big.”

An avid Trek-lover from her formative years spent watching TNG, she has been the Trek go-to at the TV Fanatic site since the launch of Star Trek: Discovery in 2017. In that role, she was responsible for reviewing new episodes and jumped at opportunities to interview cast members from all the new series. Trek’s effect as one of the foundational cornerstones of pop culture’s fabric as well as its constantly evolving reflection of society reminds her daily of how a future of Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination take the work of every person everyday.

Nothing energizes her more than intelligent discussion about the nuances of Star Trek’s aspirational vision. Find her on the social medias at: