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T’Pol’s Book Club #1: Frankenstein

T'Pol at the movies

I recently finished watching Star Trek: Enterprise for the first time, and I was intrigued by a conversation in the episode “Horizon” between Trip and T’Pol. T’Pol is invited to go to movie night to see Frankenstein, but T’Pol does not…

Nog, Rom, My Mom and Me

Rom and Nog

Early in May this year, I watched the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “Heart of Stone” for the first time and was quietly moved to tears. There is a very particular way I feel about my relationship with my…

How Benjamin Sisko Spoke to My Immigrant Identity

In America’s current political climate, immigrants from certain countries are constantly being portrayed in degrading and dehumanizing ways. As an immigrant, though not often in the immediate target group nor characterized by the cipher “illegal,” it’s anxiety-inducing to think of…