Author: Sarah Cooke

Sarah is a lifelong Star Trek fan, a writer for, and a lover of geeky pop culture. She has also written blogs, feature articles, and interviews for DC Comics, Fembot Magazine, Sequart Publishing, CBR, and more. Check out the Facebook group she co-founded here.

5 TOS Alien Species That Deserve a Comeback

Lower Decks Mugato

In its first season, Strange New Worlds dedicated two pretty pivotal episodes to the Enterprise’s encounters with the Gorn. And of course, Lower Decks had a field day with species like the Mugato, the Edosians, and the Caitians. With that…

Why We Need a Travelers Spinoff

Wesley and the Traveler in "Journey's End"

Spoiler alert for Star Trek: Picard Season 2 finale. As fans of Picard know, the second season’s finale included a highly memorable cameo from none other than Wesley Crusher, who had gone back in time to recruit Kore as a…

Turns out Seven was Always this Selfless

Seven and the Borg Queen in "Dark Frontier"

Seven of Nine plays a crucial role in the first season of Star Trek: Picard, and is clearly portrayed as someone willing to risk her own safety to protect and advocate for others, specifically the xBs, other former Borg drones.…