Author: Lillyan Ratcliffe

Lillyan Ratcliffe has degrees in history and Library Information Sciences. She is a newish Trekkie, but she's enthusiastic about seeing the franchise become even more diverse and inclusive.

In Search of Lukara

Worf and Jadzia at their wedding, officiated by Sirella

While the Klingons have been part of Star Trek since The Original Series and have been reinvented on a regular basis, there is something particularly interesting about several of the most Klingon heavy episodes of The Next Generation and Deep…

Tuvix: The ongoing debate

Tuvix being scanned in Sickbay

Tuvix – both the episode and the character – is one of the most divisive parts of the early seasons of Voyager. Did Janeway do the morally right thing by forcing Tuvix to separate back into Tuvok and Neelix? Should…