Episode 4: ‘Wolf in the Fold’

The whole crew takes a look at one of Star Trek: The Original Series’ worst episodes for women: “Wolf in the Fold.”

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Hosts: Andi, Sue, Grace & Jarrah

Editor: Jarrah

Transcription: Lydia – @moon_babes_facebook.com/moonbabesart

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Theme Music: Sounds and music from the trailer for “Wolf in the Fold”

Notes and References:

    • In this episode we discuss the concept of Orientalism. Just to be clear – this is not the same as using the term “Oriental” to refer to people from Asia, because that would be seriously uncool. “Orientalism” is an academic term popularized by literary theorist Edward W. Said. It refers to a Western imperialist way of viewing Asia, especially the Middle East, in an exoticized, stereotyped way. The Orientalist images and themes identified by Said, such as the harem bellydancer, are have worked their way into the Western collective imagination through art, literature, film, architecture and more, going back to the 19th century. A contrast is thus created between these Eastern cultures as “backward” and sensual, associated with the feminine, while Western cultures are associated with technological and scientific advancement, rationality and masculinity.
    • We also referred to the “Yellow Peril” a way of portraying Asian people in Western (particularly American) culture starting in the 19th century. For more on the race and gender dynamics of the “Yellow Peril” in movies, Jarrah recommends Romance and The Yellow Peril: Race, Sex and Discursive Strategies in Hollywood Fiction by Gina Marchetti.
    • “Give Kirk a Break – Spock’s the One Putting Women Back in the Kitchen” by Emily Asher-Perrin at Tor.com.



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