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When I transitioned, I looked to Dax

It was late last year. I was re-watching one of my favourite TV shows, curled up on the couch, coping with uncomfortable hormonal issues and just generally wanting some escapism. Then a certain episode involving my favourite character came on,…

Review: Star Trek: Waypoint #4

Cover of Star Trek: Waypoint 4

This month brought comic and star trek fans alike issue number 4 of IDWs “Star Trek:Waypoint” an anthology series of stand-alone stories to highlight different facets of the 50-year franchise. The first half of the issue begins with “The Fragile…

Andi and Jarrah Talk TOS Women

the three women from Mudd's Women

Before we even thought of starting our own podcast, the four of us Women at Warp hosts connected through Grace’s former podcast, All Things Trek. After Jarrah heard Andi being interviewed on the show, they connected to co-write a piece…