Women at Warp in Solidarity with SAG-AFTRA and the WGA

Women at Warp stands in solidarity with SAG-AFTRA and WGA members as they fight for fair contracts.  The last time these two unions were on strike together, 63 years ago, they won residual payments for the first time.  Today, they fight for better working conditions and wages, increased residuals from streaming content, and protections from the use of AI in film and TV production.

Our crew of six includes a SAG-AFTRA member, a screenwriter, an arts administrator, and a former labor organizer.  Although, under current guidelines from WGA and SAG-AFTRA, the podcast, as a journalistic and critical organization, could continue to release content as usual with the non-union members, we don’t feel right doing so.  

As a result, for the length of the strike:

  • We will not be releasing new podcast episodes covering Star Trek.
  • We will not be recapping new Star Trek episodes on the blog.
  • We will not be reviewing licensed tie-in media (novels, comics, games, etc) or Star Trek events on the blog.
  • Other blog and audio content will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Regarding Creation’s 57-Year Mission Convention in Las Vegas:  We still plan to attend and have a table in the vendor hall.  We will be promoting our show, and have podcast merch available.  

For our patrons on Patreon:  Our July watch-along will go on as scheduled this weekend.  Since August is a “merch month,” we will not pause August pledges, and expect to ship out rewards in the week following STLV.  We also plan to release a Spore Jump episode in August as usual.

We encourage listeners who are looking to support WGA and SAG-AFTRA members, and can afford to do so, to donate to the Entertainment Community Fund. You can also show your support on social media. See the social media toolkits available on the SAG-AFTRA and WGA websites for more.

We’ve been exploited long enough.
It’s time to be strong, take control of our lives, our dignity, and our profits.
Rom, “Bar Association”


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  1. Total respect to you all for your decision regarding the strike. (There’s even been discussion in fanfic circles whether it’s okay to keep posting fanfiction or whether a solidarity stoppage would be appropriate.) Here’s hoping for union victories.

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