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Episode 69: Bonk! Bonk! A Rewriting of Miri

Sue, Andi and Jarrah “rewrite” the TOS episode Miri. Now forever known as Bonk! Bonk! Download now (right-click and save) Hosts: Andi, Grace, Jarrah Editor: Andi Transcription: Taylor Schmidt – @Taylor_Joy7 Download Transcript: PDF or Word

The Amazing Doctor Jones

Miranda Jones

I was a fairly quiet geeky child and a self-identified feminist from around the age of nine. While I became the proud owner of the complete boxed sets of both said show and Firefly as soon as they became available, my…

Episode 57: To Julie Newmar, Thanks for Everything

screencap from Friday's child showing Eleen and McCoy

  A detailed look at the TOS Season 2 episode “Friday’s Child,” which stars Julie Newmar as Eleen, a pregnant woman whom Kirk, Spock and McCoy help to flee her tribe. Download now (right-click and save) Hosts: Jarrah, Andi, Grace Editor: Andi Transcription:…

Andi and Jarrah Talk TOS Women

the three women from Mudd's Women

Before we even thought of starting our own podcast, the four of us Women at Warp hosts connected through Grace’s former podcast, All Things Trek. After Jarrah heard Andi being interviewed on the show, they connected to co-write a piece…

Book Review: The Face of the Unknown by Christopher L. Bennett

Face of the Unknown Book Cover

From the publisher: Investigating a series of violent raids by a mysterious predatory species, Captain James T. Kirk discovers that there is a startling connection with the First Federation, a friendly but secretive civilization contacted early in the USS Enterprise‘s five-year…