Author: Jarrah Hodge

Jarrah speaks and writes about feminism and Star Trek at conventions, on her blog trekkiefeminist and as a co-host of Women at Warp. She lives in Ottawa, Canada with her cats, Odo and Sandwiches.

Prodigy Recap: “Supernova, Part 2” (S1, E20)

Gwyn and Dal in the shuttle

Last week we left our crew trying to stop the imminent destruction of the Federation, after the Vindicator activated the construct weapon. At the start of this week’s finale, Dal contemplates self-destructing the Protostar, but Jankom says that their proto-core…

Prodigy Recap: “Mindwalk” (S1, E 18)

Dal (in Janeway's body) makes finger guns on the bridge

We pick up where we left off last week, with the crew scrambling to figure out what to do now they’re nose to nose with the Dauntless. Hologram Janeway deactivates herself, reasoning that if she doesn’t know what they’re doing…

Prodigy Recap: “Preludes” (S1, E16)

Jankom Pog on the Tellarite ship

After an action-packed couple of episodes, we start with a more reflective tone. Janeway is on the Dauntless, listening to Chopin. Her first officer lets her know they received a bounty seeking message from outside the Federation that identifies the…