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Nog’s Legacy

Aron Eisenberg as Nog

Deep Space Nine premiered thirty years ago. Although it divided fans as it was very different from prior Trek, the evolution of the Ferengi from semi-feral aliens to a species that was meant to satirically reflect the audience is widely…

The Hetero-fication of Garak

Garak in "The Wire"

Star Trek has often been ground breaking, whether that meant having an ethnically diverse cast, promoting peaceful protest, advocating birth control, or discussing many other taboo subjects. Yet one area where Trek noticeably lagged behind for decades was in its…

Episode 206: For the Winn

Kai Winn

Vedek, Kai, First Minister, and tool of the Pah-Wraiths. The crew takes a look at Winn Adami – her character, her faith, her ambition, her relationship with The Sisko, and the indelible mark she made on Deep Space Nine. Walk…