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Episode 59: Sexual Agency in Star Trek

Lauren from "Statistical Probabilities" lounging on a bed

How much are women in Star Trek able to make choices and act freely when it comes to sex? Our crew discusses this question and considers Trek’s best and worst portrayals of women’s sexuality. Content Note: Includes discussion of mature themes. Download…

Episode 31: Dudebuggy Adventures

Beverly and Deanna in Insurrection looking skeptical

Our crew takes the Captain’s Yacht our for a spin through the four Next Generation movies: Generations, First Contact, Insurrection and Nemesis. Along the way we meet some familiar Klingon sisters, 700 hippies, a Borg Queen, and even more terrifying: beardless Riker.…

Episode 26: O Captain, My Captain (Picard)

Picard in his robe on Risa

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, our crew talks about Captain Picard’s love interests, from his “ghost from the past” Jenice Manheim to the roguish Vash, and of course, Doctor Beverly Crusher. Download now (right-click and save) Hosts: Sue, Grace, Jarrah and Andi Editor: Jarrah

Episode 2: Women on TNG

  This episode, Andi, Jarrah and Sue tackle the overall representations of women in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Download Now (right-click and save) Hosts: Andi, Jarrah and Sue Editor: Jarrah Transcript: Rhys – @lizardinexile Download Transcript: PDF or Word Notes and…

Episode 1: Favorite Female Characters

In our first episode, meet our crew and get to know us as we discuss why we wanted to start this podcast, and celebrate our favorite female characters in the Trek franchise! Download Now (right click and save) Notes and References:…