Let This Be Your Last Catwalk

Do you remember the first time you saw someone beam into that cardboard set? That half second where you saw a mysterious figure form out of a sparkling rain into a pastel fantasy? The entrance that outlived the camp of its creation? That’s the moment that Gucci emulates to kick-off their Fall/Winter campaign for 2017.

You might wonder why I’m telling you this on the W@W blog, which is fair. So rarely do my interests line up as well as with the words “sci-fi fashion shoot.” But there the words are! Sitting in beautiful tandem. Of the many things I was expecting to see in Vogue’s notorious September issue, my beloved Star Trek wasn’t one of them.

For those of you who aren’t newsstand junkies or fans of all things haute and glossy like myself, I’ll give you a little background. As fall marks the change in the yearly fashion season so too does it mark the coming of new trends, making the September issue the Farmer’s Almanac of snappy dressers. Think of it as the annual Rules of Acquisition for anyone with a walk-in closet.

Gucci describes the campaign on their official website “Surreal, psychedelic outer space landscapes and trippy retro-futurist (sic) spaceship interiors create wild settings. For the Fall/Winter 2017 campaign shot by Glen Luchford, Creative Director Alessandro Michele was inspired by the sci-fi genre of the 1950s and 60s, including the iconic TV program Star Trek. The mixed cast of humanoids, aliens, robots, earthlings and even dinosaurs mix with the color-rich and decorative collections to create a composition rich in imagination and fantasy.”

The male/female collection itself borrows heavy from sixties aesthetics with miniskirts, statement collars, and ankle boots aplenty. Simple, almost boxy silhouettes are contrasted with outlandish prints and flamboyant details.While it definitely brings the level of eye-catching you want for the more drab months, this ready-to-wear is not for beginners. The heavy accessorizing and pattern-crossing keep the collection rooted in the high fashion world that might be light-years away for most of us. However, in the same way that Trek shows us a future that society can work for, Gucci shows us a level of panache that we can each take our own steps toward this winter.

So here for your Trek-loving approval, some highlights and interpretations:

This season is really is all collar bones and awkward hairlines. Also the Orion syndicate has moved exclusively into the knock-off sunglasses game.

It’s pattern chaos on the bridge, and either pantsuit lady is freaking out over the helmsman not wearing a knit head condom, or she’s about to wrestle console control from said helmsman who has been incapacitated with a generous coat of Lindsey Bluths diamond skin creme. Also Robbie the Robot is here and looking about as lost as convention security on cosplay day.

I’m really loving that insect motifs are making their way into style again and-WAITWAITwait-hold up…there were hot Talaxians…ALL ALONG?! We got Neelix and THIS guy was out there? We’ve been downright cheated.

Hey man, handbag leather doesn’t harvest itself.

Big coats and layered tights for a Winter line, I get it. But what planet are they beaming down to exactly? Are the redshirts dressing ahead of time for their own funerals?

Honey if you wear those on an away mission they aren’t coming back.

Either the away mission on planet bovine went south or or Mars needs Miu Miu

The full trailer for the collection can be viewed here:

(Watch for some episode specific visual references, and some models made up to look like a stylish clan of Mugato) To view the full collection, check out Vogue’s slideshow of the full collection here.

While the style of the campaign might be out of this world, don’t let it intimidate you from channeling some deep space high fashion. Remember: the universe is your catwalk.

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