Episode S7: “The Man Trap” Commentary

salt vampire from The Man Trap

“The Man Trap” is the episode that introduced the world to Star Trek 50 years ago. To celebrate Star Trek’s birthday on September 8, watch along as we do a live commentary of this iconic episode.

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Hosts: Grace, Andi, Sue and Jarrah

Editor: Jarrah


  1 comment for “Episode S7: “The Man Trap” Commentary

  1. Love this podcast, you gals are the best! I really enjoyed your commentary for this episode, I hope you do more. Do “The Apple”, like seriously, the first 10 minutes alone are hysterical. Ten red shirts die and Kirk’s just like *shrug* let’s keep going guys!

    I like how you talk about the history of the show and behind the scenes stuff that I was totally not aware of. The more you know! *Star swipe*

    Also, I keep hearing that Hannibal’s great and Bryan Fuller is a genius…is it really that great? I mean it seems like it’s just some dude committing horrifyingly gruesome murders. I watched Dexter, is it worse than Dexter?

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