Episode 71: Women of the First Conventions

In this episode, we’re joined by Devra Langsam, publisher of Spockanalia and organizer of the first Star Trek convention in 1972 in NY, and Lynn Cohen-Koehler, who helped organize the first Philadelphia convention in 1975.  We discuss how Star Trek changed the face of fandom and science fiction conventions, the history of early conventions, the rise of the “corporate” con, and how cons and con culture have evolved over the last 45 years.

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Hosts: Jarrah, Sue

Guests: Devra Langsam and Lynn Cohen-Koehler

Editor: Jarrah

Transcript: Andi

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Episode Image:  Registration desk at the first official Star Trek convention in 1972.  (Photo by Charles Frattini/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images)


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  3 comments for “Episode 71: Women of the First Conventions

  1. This was amazing! Hearing those brilliant women talk about what they did. How the advanced fandom. Talk about pioneers!! Hats off to them. Thank you for having them on.

  2. I want to add in the old days people would get upset if I used foul language in fanfics. Anyone reading them would be upset if they saw foul language in a story. Arguments this was not broadcast television or professional publication fell on deaf ears. I knew people who were shocked by STAR TREK IV.

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